AR Mobile Game


Basing on cooperation with our friends from Mosquito 3D Sound System we created AR experience where one of your senses is Hearing.​ 


10 Oct, 2019



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Extend Reality Effect

Basing on Apple ARkit we achieved amazing effect where Game Elements extends your reality.

3D Audio System

Thanks to our cooperation with Mosquito Engine you are able to locate 3D elements basing only on hearing.

Get ready… Skeeto is here… the pesky little mosquito that is going to ruin your sleep.

Can you find her, and kill her?

This amazing game for iOS that is based on listening and promotes physical exercise; you cannot play this game seated…


You need to wear headphones, and then you’ll hear Skeeto fly around you. Try to find her by pointing your iOS device in the right direction, make sure she is close enough, and then you can swat her with your device, or spray her.

But be careful, she can attack you too! And then it is time to dodge, spray or swat her really quickly or use some repellent, otherwise you’ll loose a life.

You can refill your spray and repellent by tapping the bonus bottles that float around on your screen from time to time. Skeeto learns from her mistakes; the more Skeeto’s you kill, the harder it will get…


A unique 3D audio game from the makers of Mosquito 3D Engine.


– iphone 5 or higher

Minimal system 8.1, compatible with 9.

Alex Kopernik
Bartos Edward Swiety
Head of Engineering